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Free Photoshop Action To Boost Your Images

October 23rd, 2013

Who likes a freebie? Everybody does.

I created this Photoshop action on a recent project that was eventually unused. What I came to notice, though, was just how versatile this action was when applied to virtually any image I had.

Before and After Photoshop Action

The action consists of 4 layers on top of the original image:

  1. Sharpening Layer
  2. Black & White Adjustment Layer
  3. Exposure Adjustment Layer (Fade effect)
  4. Curves Adjustment Layer (Cross Layer)

How to use the Free Photoshop Action File

Toggling the appearance of each adjustment layer can create some beautiful depth, sharpening and retro effects that will suit a huge range of design projects.

Photoshop Actions Effect GridEach layer is totally adjustable too so you can play around with the intensity of each effect to get the right look and feel.

How do I get the file?

Feel free to download the action for free below. No licensing required. Use for personal work or commercial shizzle, I won’t come after you. Promise.

Download the zip file and extract to get the .ATN file. To install, open Photoshop, locate the Actions palette, click the small context menu in the top right corner and click ‘Load Actions’. Locate the .ATN file and choose to install.

Download Action for FREE!

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