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A Quick Review of Minimalism. The New iFag.

November 8th, 2013

Here’s a little gem that I created in a little under twenty minutes. The new iFag. Revolutionising the cigarette for the 21st century!

The iFag Poster Ad Parody
OK, so it’s just a complete piss take of an Apple print advertisement, but it just goes to show that the kings of design (have you seen their website design for the new iPad? OMG!) are totally focused on simplicity.

So a print advert for the biggest tech company in the world could take around twenty minutes to conceive, execute and produce. It begs the question:

“Does design really need to be complicated?”

As graphic designers, we are entrenched in the idea that good work has to take a lot of time. The more time we give a project, the better the outcome. Is this really true? Is it because we’re charging clients ‘x’ amount for a design, therefore the work must take ‘x’ amount of our time…? It may be a contributing factor. But sometimes the best ideas are normally the first ideas that pop into our heads.

Graphic Designers should always try to seek the most memorable but simple solution to a design brief. Maybe the next time you’re commissioned for a project, try to reduce the amount of time you spend iterating it – you may come up with an absolute winner.

What do you guys prefer? Minimalism or complexity? Add your comments below.

  • tom

    How did you get that font on your computer?

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