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Welcome to Made of Sticks!

MoS is the personal portfolio site and blog of British graphic designer, Ben Morgan.

On the site, you will find a feast of creative work expertly crafted by yours truly; design tutorials covering a range of techniques and disciplines; my personal blog exploring the design industry, as well as a merchandise store.

If you're looking for a freelancer or a creative designer for your next project, then why not get in touch? What have you got to lose?

And if you're wondering about the name... simply mix too much alcohol, a reckless game of pick-up sticks and an accidental Giraffe made of sticks...

Photoshop Layers: Tips & Tricks
Check out this fantastic roundup of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Photoshop Layers from the guys at PSDTuts+ (or Martin Perhiniak to be precise). Photoshop is a complex beast. Seasoned pro’s are still finding new and fantastical features, tools and shortcuts on a regular basis. With so many variant ways of achieving effects and improving workflow, it’s no wonder that designers need a refresh every now and ...
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